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Bangladeshi teenager awarded Children's Peace Prize for fighting cybercrime

Bangladeshi teenager awarded Children's Peace Prize for fighting cybercrime

A 17-year-old Bangladeshi young person has been granted an esteemed worldwide youngsters' honor for making a move against cyberbullying and online wrongdoing against kids.
Sadat Rahman has been met with the 2020 KidsRights International Children's Peace Prize for accomplishment no one but few can consider. Rahman built up a versatile application to help youngsters report cyberbullying and cybercrime in the western locale of Narail in Bangladesh.

"Genuine move should be made at this moment. Teens keep on excess powerless against online wrongdoing and cyberbullying, especially in the occasions we live in," Rahman said in a distant meeting.

The function, facilitated by a Netherlands-based KidsRights establishment, was held online this year because of the progressing Covid pandemic.
Rahman has followed the strides of Nobel laureate and Pakistani schooling campaigner Malala Yousafzai and the Swedish natural extremist Greta Thunberg.

His portable application is classified as "Digital Teens" and places kids in contact with a group of young people, named as Narail Volunteers. Rahman, as well, is a piece of this group of volunteers. This group at that point gets in contact with the neighborhood cops and social laborers and helps the casualties out of circumstances of cyberbullying.

The application additionally has a part of supportive tips and clues about various types of online conduct, and tips about how to recognize and try not to get in contact with sexual stalkers of the web.

As of now, the application has been downloaded multiple times and the volume been fruitful in settling almost 60 objections of youths up until this point. Based on these protests, eight hoodlums have likewise been captured by the nearby police authorities. The objections got had grown-ups sending wrong messages and explicit substance to kids

"The thought began following a 15-year-old young lady ended it all due to internet harassing," Rahman said. "I concluded that youngsters required assistance and that we should make a move to attempt to keep away from different kids confronting a similar misfortune."

The other two finalists for the honor were a Mexican young lady Ivanna Ortega Serret, 12, who battled water contamination, and Irish 18-year-old Siena Castellon, who made a site to assist students with the mental imbalance and extreme learning incapacities.

Rahman has gotten prize cash of 100,000 euro ($118,000) which he intends to use for speculation for projects, and further build up the application across Bangladesh "and ideally to fill in as a model for the remainder of the world."