International Center for Research and Resource Development

ICRRD Journal

ISSN: 2773-5958,

Publication Process

There are the following simple steps for publishing a paper in ICRRD Journal

The author prepares the paper as per the paper preparation guidelines and the ICRRD Sample Template. Authors have to submit a paper through email at

You will get an acknowledgment within 2 working days of submission of the paper. During the next 3 weeks, the author(s) will get a peer review report.

(A) If the paper is rejected, it cannot be published in the ICRRD Journal.
(B) If the paper is accepted, the author(s) will get an acceptance letter, and the author will need to make payment for journal publication processing fees using the mentioned payment methods provided by ICRRD. 
(C) After the successful payment, you have to send a scan copy of the payment receipt to
(D) The publication will be scheduled within 24 hours, and the paper will get published on the scheduled date. 
(E) The author will get a certificate of publication with the final email notification. 

If you have any inquiries, please send your letter to