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Multidisciplinary Journal

The multidisciplinary approach means that knowledge of. Several disciplines are applied to a given problem and supplementary to one another in such a way that it is. It is possible to draw clear-cut conclusions in a specific research field.
ICRRD Journal is a Multidisciplinary Journal Published in Malaysia. Our vision is to provide a platform to develop academic and research collaboration in the fields of 

Social science and Humanities: Social Science and Humanities, Sociology, Social Welfare, Anthropology, Religious Studies, Visual Arts, Political, Cultural Aspects of Development, Tourism Management, Public Administration, Psychology, Philosophy, Political Science, History, Islamic Studies, Education, Women Studies and so on.

Science, Technology, and Engineering: Medical Science, Science and Engineering, Technology and Innovation, Environmental Studies, Climate Change, Applied Science, Rural Development, Urban Studies, and so on.

Business and Economics: Business and Marketing, Economics, Financial Development, Accounting, Banking, Management, Human Resources, and so on.

Bio-Technology and Agriculture: Animal Biotechnology, Plant Biotechnology, Agricultural Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology, Medical Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Bioinformatics, and so on.

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