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Best Paper Award

The Editorial Board has decided to give a special award to the author(s) of the best paper of each issue and volume published in ICRRD. The best paper of an issue will be chosen by the Editorial Board based on the reviewers’ recommendations and feedback.

Paper excellence is measured based on the journal’s five review standards:

(1) The paper is scientifically or technically new, innovative or is a constructive review; 
(2) Clear presentation in writing, organization, graphics, and format, and has professional integrity; 
(3) Presentation of industrial and practical application; 
(4) The research paper has long-term value for future researchers.
(5) The paper provides an important critical and/or analytical insight that contributes something new to the field of higher education studies

Benefits to Best Paper Author:

(1) Author(s) of the selected article to be provided 100% relaxation in publication charge for his/her next article 
(2) The author of the best paper of an issue will be entitled to get a certificate from the editorial board.
(3) Selected Author(s) details will be updated on the last date of every month.