Performance Analysis of Operating System, Power Generation, Distribution, Maintenance, Controlling and Protection System of Santahar 50MW Peaking Power Plant, Bogura

ABSTRACT: A power plant is a facility for the generation of bulk electric power. Power plants produce electric energy from another form of energy. In our country the crisis of electricity in national grid is a common problem where in industrial sector the electricity is required for 24 hours in a day. Due to failure of national grid non-public business house owners are exploitation their own power plants combining with national grid to fulfil the demand of electricity. The most common fuels used in Santahar power plant (50MW) are HFO and LFO. This article is describing about the power generation distribution and maintenance, Protection and controlling of that plant, different major components of power station such as diesel or HFO engine, compressor, fuel system, operation and control unit, cooling system and maintenance procedures of the plants.


Keywords: Electric Energy, Peaking Power Plant, Power Generation, Maintenance, Controlling and Protection