Publication fees

Publication Fees for ICRRD Research Journal

Upon acceptance of your manuscript, you will be charged a one-time Author Processing Charge (APC). These fees cover the cost of publication, Editorial expenses, Govt. Taxes, Indexing, and Server Maintenance Charges. It will ensure that your article will be freely available as it is an open-access journal. Once the charge has been processed, your article will be scheduled for publication and will appear online at an earlier time.

Author(s) will be entitled to one copy of the online pdf journal free of charge and a certificate of publication will be provided as per editorial decision. There are no APC during submission or rejected articles, no submission charges, and no surcharges based on the length of an article, figures, or supplementary data as well

Publication fees are as follows:

Countries Name
Malaysian Authors300 RM
Asian Authors
200 USD
American/ European/Australian/Canadian Authors
250 USD
African Authors  180 USD
Other International Authors

150 USD

NB: The publication charge will be waved full or partially if the editorial board gets your article perfect in quality and impact its subject areas. 

The preferred mode of Payment is to pay by - Visa or Master Card, Paypal, Skrill, Neteller or Bank Transfer,
The payment procedure will be notified to the author through e-mail after the successful review process.