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Mugda lacks facilities for the elderly

Mugda lacks facilities for the elderly
Alongside her child Rezaur Rahman and his better half Farhana Hossain, 84-year-old Rizia Khatun, osteoporosis tolerant, went to the capital's Mugda Medical College Hospital to take the Covid-19 antibody yesterday. 

Coming to there around 10:00am, from their home in Narinda, they didn't locate any specialist or wheelchair on their way to their objective - the second floor of the clinic. They likewise couldn't discover any lift. 
Clasping hands of her child and little girl in-law, Rizia at that point experienced to take the difficulty of climbing the steps to make it to the immunization corner. 

Numerous other older individuals, who went to the clinic for the shots, endured a similar way. Conversing with The Daily Star, they griped of fumble at the public medical clinic's immunization the executives. 

Abul Hossain, 73, and his significant other Monowara Begum, 65, are among them. "We came here around 10:00am. We needed to trust that three hours will make the effort," said Abdul, who lives in Gopibagh zone. 

The inoculation should begin at 8:00am and end at 4:00pm consistently. Be that as it may, at the medical clinic at Mugda, the previously shot was controlled around 10:00am yesterday, authorities said. 

An aggregate of 500 individuals were planned to be given the portion. Of them, 354 were immunized yesterday. On the main day of the mass immunization against the Covid-19, on Sunday, 314 of 500 enlisted individuals were offered the chances at the emergency clinic, said authorities. 

Muhtasim Belal, who joined dad Nurul Haque Patowary, 93, and mother Rokeya Begum, 75, said they also didn't discover any clinic chaperon subsequent to showing up there. 

"I asked the receptionists where the immunization stalls were and he revealed to me that they were on the subsequent floor. It would have been exceptional if the inoculation community had been arranged on the ground floor since the immunization beneficiaries incorporate numerous old individuals like my folks," Belal told this paper at the medical clinic. They likewise ought to have organized wheelchairs, he added. 

Numerous others said there were no printers at the immunization corners, so they needed to go outside to take a printout of the enrollment structure's duplicate. 
Asked, the delegate head of the emergency clinic Md Nurul Islam said they stuck composed guidelines on the ground floor's divider. 
Gotten some information about the lifts, Asim Kumar Nath, head of the clinic, said two of the four lifts there were faulty. Of the two, one was committed to the specialists. 

"We are fixing the lifts. Wheelchairs have been accommodated the older," he said. 
In Bangabandhu Sheik Mujib Medical University and Shuhrawardy Medical College Hospital, older individuals, in actuality, communicated fulfillment at their administrations yesterday. 

Resigned engineer Sayed Hossain and his significant other went to the BSMMU inoculation focus and took the punches around 30 minutes before the timetable. 
"We're content with the administrations. We are presently returning home," Sayed told this paper sitting on a wheelchair, prior to boarding a rescue vehicle. 
For money manager Hazi Tofazzol Hossain, 68, who came from Sankar zone of Dhanmondi, taking the antibody was his duty, he said. 

"Numerous individuals would prefer not to get immunized. As far as I might be concerned, it was a pressing issue. I'm feeling great subsequent to making the effort," he said, as he was holding up at the post-inoculation perception room at Shuhrawardy Medical College Hospital. 

Asking individuals to take the immunization, he said, "We ought not accept any gossipy tidbits. In the event that the immunization was bad, countless individuals would not take this around the world." 

At a similar focus at the medical clinic, Ahsan Habib, a youthful investor from Keraniganj's Kalatia, took the hit yesterday. 

"The entirety of my partners have likewise enrolled for the immunization. We as a whole are taking the immunization energetically to remain protected from Covid-19," Habib disclosed to The Daily Star. 

Martha Mondal, a medical attendant who was infusing the immunization at the middle, said individuals were taking the antibody anxiously. "The presence of the immunization beneficiaries is acceptable. None of them demonstrated any manifestations during the most recent two days of immunization," she said.