Evaluation of Some Heavy Metals Concentration in Soil Around Waste Dumpsite in Aniocha South L.G.A of Delta State Nigeria

ABSTRACT: The study analyzed the concentration of heavy metals in selected dumpsites in Ogwashi-Uku and its environs, and the impact on human health as soil contamination from agricultural fields leads to contamination of agricultural products. These produce when consumed have adverse effects on human health. A total of 12 soil samples collected from the dumpsites using a soil auger were collected at different depths of 0-15 cm for each sampling point to assess heavy metal content. Analysis revealed that metal concentrations in soil samples ranged from 0.001 to 0.049 ppm, with average concentrations of Cd (9.58 × 10-3), Pb (9.58 × 10-3), Zn (0.030), K (0.020), Na (0.019), Cu (0.055) in ascending order. Although the concentration of heavy metals in this study is below the permissible limit of FAO/WHO, soil monitoring and remediation is recommended.


Keywords: Soil, Heavy metals, Dumpsites, Human health, AAS.