Impact of Social media on the Transformation in English Language Usage among People from Vernacular Milieu

ABSTRACT: English as a language has been evolving since the fifth century and since then the biggest impact on the language has been due to technological developments in the new millennium.  Social media plays a substantial role in the overwhelming changes in the usage of English language.  There is a strong correlation between the pace at which the language has seen transformation and the dramatic increase in the number of users of social media as well as their level of engagement. This study examines the impact of social media on the usage of English language among people whose primary language of communication at home is vernacular, but education has been in English. The goal is to put forth a statistically verified decision tree model that can elucidate the extent of change that engagement on social media could have on an individual’s language proficiency. Binary Logistic Regression Analysis has been used to develop an Integrated Model based on the Decision Tree technique.  The distinctive model presents various probable outcomes of individual language fluency depending on the level of social media engagement.


Keywords: Social Media Engagement, English Language Transformation, Decision Tree Model, English Language Proficiency, Binary Logistic Regression