Effect of Set-up Exercise on Flexibility among Football Players

ABSTRACT: The purpose of the present study was conducted on the Effect of Step-up Exercise on Flexibility among Football Players. Two hundred and fifty (N = 250) male football players from different schools were taken as the subject for the study. The age of the subjects ranged from 15 to 18 years and were randomly selected. All the subjects of the present study were tested on the selected criteria, after the pre-test, subjects were divided into two groups, one experimental and one group were kept as control where the experimental group were given 10 weeks of step-up exercise (three days in a week).  To find out the difference among pre and post-test, Pair sample t-test was use to analysed the data. Results of the study reveals that significant difference were found in experimental and control groups on Flexibility among football players after 10 weeks of step-up Exercise.

Keywords: Football, Flexibility, and Step-up Exercise