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Federal Contradiction and Administration: A Study

Federal Contradiction and Administration: A Study

Abstract: Over centuries and decades, Federalism has been evolving through several experiences of ruler vs subjects, public vs government and constitutional unit’s vs federal units which in common signify the necessity and importance of the human concern for widening the space for ‘unity’ in diversity. Federalism in India has been a debatable issue as it is sometimes referred as quasi-federal, co-operative federalism or competitive federalism. But above all the most important debate is whether Indian is a federal state or not. However, apart from the analysis of whether India is a federal state or not this paper majorly deals with a major issue of “Regionalism” or referred to as “Parochialism” that is faced by the Indian federalism. It also tries to understand the relation between Federalism and parochialism.  The research concludes with an observation that the need for federalism has enhanced in countries with ethnically distinct regions where the territorial accommodation of distinct groups of people is of utmost importance

Keywords: Federalism, Regionalism, Parochialism, Linguistic States, Indian Federal System