Artificial Intelligence: The Footstep Headed for Future Supply Chain Management, An Analytical Pedagogy Through the Visionary Eyes of Supply Chain Experts among the Major Ports in India

Abstract: In this era of repudiation, the world is running at a brisk pace. Anything whether it is an organization, industry or a technology that shouldn’t able to cope up with this pace is falling apart. Supply chain management being the fastest growing industrial business sector, needs to be rejuvenated with the technologies within the future. With this aim in mind, researcher had gone through the study to identify whether artificial intelligence is going to be the key players in the future supply chain management in our country. In our country AI has been deployed only to some limited areas of operations and Indian ports are considered to be the fertile land of supply chain experts with vast knowledge about AI. These factors prompted the researcher to deploy his study among the supply chain experts in Indian ports and to find solid answers for the research questions formulated by the researcher. So this research work is set out to explore the role of AI in bringing up a smart and efficient supply chain in the future. At the same time, this study sees the insights of the challenges and major driving forces that will enable the future revolution of AI enabled supply chain. Through the study researcher aims to throw lights into the key areas where AI can be used for getting maximum benefits. The worldwide crave for best supply chain management will find an answer through this research.


Keywords: Artificial intelligence, supply chain management, key areas of operation, challenges, future revolution