An Analysis on Manipulation and Forgery of data to get better grades in NAAC assessment in Rural HEIs of Assam

ABSTRACT: In India at present without NAAC assessment, it is impossible to get grants as well as affiliation. Not only every HEI has to participate in this process but also have to get better grade otherwise the future of that HEI is dark in every aspect. To fulfil this process, the HEIs have to follow 7 criteria of NAAC SSR (Self-study Report). The criteria consist of different prospect for overall development of an educational institution. Though those criteria are mostly applicable in urban areas, it is difficult to implement because of lack of resources, unavailability of technology and many more. Though, there have plenty of opportunities to develop but the traditional work culture which faculties love to hold on making it difficult to create a progressive environment. It also hampers to fulfil every criteria of NAAC resulted in forgery and manipulation of data to hide the lack of values. In this paper, an attempt has been made to discuss about the problems that have in the rural and backward colleges in Assam and how it is affecting to create a transparent educational environment. 


Keywords: HEIs of India, Rural Assam, Existing problems, NAAC Criteria