A Comprehensive Overview of World Mapping Analysis Research Trends on Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Tourism from 2000 to 2022: A Literature Review and Bibliometric Analysis

ABSTRACT: Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionised several industries across the world. The objective of this article is to present a literature review and bibliometric analysis of the impact of AI in tourism around the world from 2000 to 2022.  A textual query on Scopus (245 documents) and WoS (100 documents) using the term ((“Impact” OR “effect”) AND (“artificial intelligence” OR “AI”) AND (“tourism”)) was performed on 23 June 2022 retrieved 345 documents for in-depth analysis. Rstudio 4.2.0 and biblioshiny for bibliometrix were used to analyse research trends. According to the findings, annual scientific production in Scopus and Web of Science databases has increased from 2016 to 2021. The most popular journals in Scopus are Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing meanwhile Sustainability journals in Web of Science. In Scopus, the most frequently used author’s keywords and keyword plus are “artificial intelligence” meanwhile in Web of Science showed “artificial intelligence” and “impact”. Li X (Scopus) and Bai B (WoS) are the most popular authors. China produced the most scientific articles in Scopus and Web of Science. In Scopus and Web of Science, between India and France, between China and United Kingdom have among of the world’s highest participation and collaboration.

Impact, Artificial Intelligence (AI), tourism, bibliometric analysis, Rstudio, biblioshiny