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An Academic Review of Virtual Learning Environments

An Academic Review of Virtual Learning Environments

Abstract: E-learning systems often called VLEs are designed for supporting and improving the individual study process. The VLEs have been part of the Universities’ architecture of the past 15 years and play a role in 95% of U.K. Universities, and thus, have become an integral part of the teaching and learning process. VLEs also present an opportunity for universities to leverage their brand across geographical borders (Martins and Kellermanns 2004). A VLE is a web-based learning platform, that allows students, without the barriers of time and place, to access a wide range of different learning tool and course content (van Raajj et al 2008). Although, depending on the software manufacturer, there may be variety in the communication functionality, such as webchat, video chat, forums, and group discussions. In this academic review, I critique VLEs and the role they play in education.

Keywords: VLE, online learning, e-learning, remote learning