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Skill Development Training Fueling Employability in India

Skill Development Training Fueling Employability in India

Abstract: Globalization and technological disruption put challenges as well as offer opportunities for economic expansion and job creation. The Nation can transform into a productive, innovative and competitive economy with skilled human potential. Skill Development can expand one's horizon and chances of his employability by nurturing talents and honing skills and knowledge. It is instrument for improving effectiveness and enables a person to perform with greater efficiency. The researchers have tried to understand how Skill development trainings is impacting the employability in the country.  The researchers concluded that focus on education alone, ignoring the skills and career counselling, or on jobs ignoring the skill education, would not suffice to yield desired results. Endeavour to develop technical skills and transferable skills is very much required. The skills training should be built on an indispensable level of basic education but cannot compensate it.

Keywords: Skill Development, Training, Employability, Demographic Dividend, Labour Market, Entrepreneurship