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An Overview of Ecotourism

An Overview of Ecotourism

Abstract: In order to truly understand ecotourism and the pros and cons associated with, it is necessary to do some background research. Ecotourism, perhaps the most over-used and mis-used word in the travel industry. A walk through the rainforest is not ecotourism unless that particular walk somehow benefits that environment and the people who live there. Ecotourism has been called by many names such as ‘soft tourism’, ‘responsible tourism’, ‘green tourism’, ‘alternative tourism’ and so on. Ecotourism implies a scientific, aesthetic or philosophical approach, although the ‘ecotourist’ is not required to be a professional scientist, artist or philosopher. Ecotourism definitions require that the indigenous host community receives the benefits and despite its small-scale and seasonal character, ecotourism has the potential to deliver economic benefits on multiple levels.


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