An Introspective Study: Re-enforcing Higher Education Learning through Learning Styles over the contemporary Disruptive Education of the Covid-19 Era

Abstract: This is a research paper of the outcome of an introspective study in a SEED-GRANT 2020. Despite the contemporary learning reinforcements at the higher education level, learners’ plight on the existing common methodology of learning is identified as a gap or constraint that needs to be addressed effectively on catering learning reinforcement through appropriate learning styles which suits individual learners. This study brings in the focus on lifting the constrain, with a clear study of the background, need and scope and eventually links to the Applied Research study. The study focuses on profiling the learners according to visual, verbal and social learning styles. The Convenience Sampling technique was employed for the research and 188 students from General Education, Business and Engineering were assessed. The results of this study indicate that the learners’ learning style varied significantly across 3 Schools of study.


Keywords: Visual learning style, Verbal learning style, Social learning style, Disruptive Education, Covid-19 era Higher Education Learning