Investigation of on the Tensile Properties of Lnconel 625 Alloy at High Temperature by Activated Tungsten Inert Gas Welding (A-TIG)

ABSTRACT: Activated tungsten inert gas welding (A-TIG) of Inconel 625 with a thickness of 6.5 mm was used as applicant material for investigation in this study. 230 A welding current, 80 mm/min travel speed, and 1 mm arc gap with 2.204 kJ/mm heat input were used to prepare the weld joint. Tensile characteristics were tested at room temperature, 250°C, 450°C, and 650°C. It was clear that with an increase in temperature, ultimate strength and yield strength diminished, while percentage elongation increased.  Ultimate tensile strength (UTS) declined nearly 20 percent at temperatures above 650°C compared to UTS at ambient temperature.

Keywords: A-TIG welding, Inconel 625, Tensile strength, Various temperatures.