Cultivating Cultural Intelligence Towards Constructive Conflict Resolution: A Pragmatic Approach

ABSTRACT: Owing to the globalization of organizations, cultural diversity is ineluctable in the workplace. In this regard, it is invariably essential to empathize how cultural intelligence ascertains constructive conflict resolution strategies. The elemental purpose of this study is to formulate a better understanding of psychological capital and it influence in ascertaining cultural intelligence, which in turn imparts to constructive conflict resolution. The significance of this paper is to formulate a conceptual framework that determines the influence of psychological capital towards cultural intelligence. The research design adopted for this paper is empirical research using observational and experiential evidence. The sample units are the employees of top 2 performing Information Technology companies occupied at Tidal Park in Chennai. The respondents are chosen as samples using multistage random sampling technique. The predictive power and overall fitness of the projected model “KALKOS PsyCap Model” is examined applying Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) with Maximum Likelihood Estimation. The results revealed that 59.6% variance in cultural intelligence is accounted by psychological capital.


Keywords: Psychological Capital, Cultural Intelligence, and Constructive Conflict Resolution.