A Brief Overview of the Financial Industry's Digital Adoption Investor Independent investigation into Operational Alignment

ABSTRACT: Today, businesses across a wide range of sectors are discovering that transitioning to a digital business model is a significant issue. The banking sector has been significantly impacted by the digital revolution, as increased client expectations have necessitated the need to modify strategy, procedures, and information technology. So far, research on digitization in the banking sector have either been conducted at the strategic level, from the viewpoint of the client, or from the standpoint of the institution itself. Using a multiple-stakeholder approach, we were able to bring together the results of past research from each viewpoint in our study. The findings indicate that internal processes and information technology systems are not yet prepared to satisfy the needs of a strategic and customer-centric viewpoint. The digital strategy of the banks is often well-matched with the demands of their customers, but both are poorly linked with the internal structure and information technology. The limited integration of information technology and the low degree of process automation have been cited as major impediments to the implementation of the digital agenda.

Keywords: Digital Transformation, Digitalization, Digital Business, Banks, Banking, Strategy, Alignment