Tourist Product Innovation and Management of Tourist Centers in Lagos State, Nigeria

ABSTRACT: This research is on the effect of tourist Product Innovation on the Management of Tourist centers in Lagos State, Nigeria. Product Innovation is defined as what customers buy at a specific time that is completely different from other organizations offer. Management is an act of managing a firm using people to increase patronage, maintain service quality and ensures repeat purchase. The Problem of this research was identified by a scholar who posits that the problem of many organizations not increasing in patronage was a result of negligence to innovate. The objectives of this study examined the effect of product Innovation on increased patronage, service quality and repeat purchase. The researcher adopted survey research during the research work which was achieved using a structured questionnaire. Findings revealed that there is a strong relationship between tourist product Innovation and increased patronage, service quality and repeat purchase in the selected tourist centers in Lagos State, Nigeria and Conclude that tourist product innovation can help the management of tourist centers in performing efficiently and recommend that any tourism industry who wishes to grow in patronage, service quality and attract repeat purchase should embrace product innovation strategy.

Keywords: Tourist Products; Innovation and Management; Tourism Management; Lagos State Tourist Centers