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Digital Trends of Indian Virtual Markets

Digital Trends of Indian Virtual Markets

Abstract: There is a rising demand for internet users in India, which promises many opportunities in the e-commerce sector. E-marketers know which critical factors influence customer behavior and the effect it has on customer loyalty. They can use this information to refine their marketing strategies to convert prospective customers into long-term customers and maintain their current customers. When online customers are making their purchasing decisions, various aspects are taken into consideration, as was demonstrated in this academic study studies have concluded that these are the five elements that influence consumer perceptions about shopping on the internet.[1] They find that consumers' cognitive/belief gratification, online convenience, psychological/feelings of use, embodied security, and well-being influence cognitive/emotional gratification, embodied ease of use, and overall well-being, and self-satisfaction at the same time, businesses have tried to remain ahead of competitors by reducing the price of their products and services. Concerning promotion, communication, companies can use the internet to convey, communicate, communicate, and distribute information as well as gather, receive, listen to, respond, and measure customer satisfaction. Citizens make online and/use the internet to purchase both the product and then go to another location to find out if they received the best service price and the next time of use to compare their features and prices.[2] An increasing number of experts believe that the online business model will flourish.

Keywords: Digital Mode of Transaction, Virtual Shopping, Security of Online Platforms, Credit Card, Retailing