A Comparative Study of The Strategic Differences in Investment Between Employers and Employees in Bangladesh

ABSTRACT: Investment covers any purchase or expenditure made with the ambition of generating further income. An investment can hint at any mechanism that appreciates in value with time; examples include stocks, bonds, real estate property, index funds, among many others. In Bangladesh, a South Asian developing country, people tend to keep away a significant proportion of their income to acquire investment opportunities nationally or globally. The differences in the strategies used by Bangladeshi nationals, specifically employers and employees, in the process of investing have been critically examined in this paper. To attain this purpose, a brief definition of investment along with a few examples have been given. Therefore, the entire process of investing by a Bangladeshi citizen has been examined. Accordingly, three case studies are presented that make evident the long-term and short-term differences in investment strategies between employees and employers. 

Keywords: Investment, income, developing country, Strategies, Employers, Employees