An Assessment of Poultry Rearing and Hygienic Management of Broiler Farms of Cox’s Bazar District in Bangladesh

Abstract: The poultry industry is one of the most booming industries in Cox’s Bazar district. This study was carried out to assess the hygienic practices and also to improve broiler meat safety. Currently, every country in the world is increasing their effort to improve food safety to reduce the food safety risk. The data for this study was collected from the desk research, observation, survey, and interviews of poultry farmers. Twenty broiler farmers were surveyed by using a questionnaire. The study revealed that the majority of the farmers are doing broiler farming as their main source of income. The flock size is around 501-1000 of the larger number of farms and on average farmers are rearing 5.57 cycles per year. The study recommended some implications to improve hygienic practices of broiler and to reduce the foodborne illness of the district as well.

Keywords: Poultry Industry, Broiler Farms, Hygienic Management, Foodborne Illness.