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How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can

How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can
A Brand New Approach to Healing Anxiety! Discover the remarkable energy therapy that has helped thousands of people when nothing else worked. Anxiety is not "just fear" and it doesn't come from out of the blue. In fact, everything you think you know about anxiety is about to change.

Imagine you are a beautiful, sprawling tree. You have a big, strong trunk, roots that stretch deep into the earth, and branches that reach toward the sky. One day, you notice something isn’t quite right. Your leaves are brittle and full of little holes, and your branches are drooping with heaviness. Upon inspection, you can’t find any obvious reason for this change in your state of being. You start to panic immediately and take better care of your leaves and branches. You spray them and medicate them and more, but nothing changes. The leaves you are working with are merely the visual result of whatever the problem is with your tree.
The soil of this tree represents your foundation. The soil is where it all comes from. It’s who you really are at the core. It’s the sum of all the things that have influenced you. All the rocks and rubbish that have gotten mixed right in with you will affect every part of the tree. Everything in that soil becomes part of your being.

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