Factors Affecting Brand Loyalty in the Footwear Industry – “A case study of Bangladesh”

Abstract: The Footwear Industry is an important section of the leather industry in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has been ranked 8th in terms of footwear production in the world in 2016. The purpose of this research is to investigate how the respondents are influenced by factors of brand loyalty towards the footwear industry. In order to increase customer satisfaction and drive them to be brand loyalists, marketers are encouraged to develop aggressive marketing programs. The five factors of Brand loyalty are Product Quality, Service Quality, Price, Promotion and Customer Satisfaction. Questionnaires were distributed and self-administered to 30 respondents. Descriptive analysis, Correlation, Model Summary, ANOVA and Coefficient were used in this study. The research results showed that there is a positive and significant relationship between factors of Relationship Quality and Brand loyalty (Product Quality, Service Quality, Price, Promotion and Customer Satisfaction) with the footwear industry. 

Keywords: Footwear, Brand Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction, Bangladesh.