A Comprehensive Review on Fabrication of Nanowire Biosensors and Applications

Abstract: Silicon nanowires have been studied and used as high-sensitivity, restricted labeling and high detection sensors in the last decade. The development of SiNW biosensors and their diagnostic applications are discussed here. Biomarkers related to cancer, coronary diseases, infectious diseases, and other diseases are analyzed. SiNW biochemistry is a great promising tool for encouraging the creation and application of POC instruments for disease diagnosis. It investigates the use of nanomaterials in biomedical sensors, such as carbon nanotubes, nanoparticles, quantum points and nanowires. For sensitivity and durability, a large area-to-volume ratio is necessary. We assess the working principle of nanowire structures and comprehensive manufacturing processes. Moreover, experiments have been checked on the use of the sample for the detection of biomarkers, viruses and DNA, and the finding of drugs. Recent breakthroughs are investigated in self-power, reusability, sensitivity and long-term stability in high ionic strength solutions. Due to their high conductivity, Nanowire can improve the sensitivity of biomedical sensors.

Keyword: Nanowire Biosensors, Nano-Fiber Bio-Sensors, DNA & RNA and Viruses.