Effect of Soft Story on RCC Building for Seismic Resistance

Abstract: Nowadays severe earthquake is major issues in modern life more natural hazardous of building, damages and collapse. In this paper, it is shown that a huge figure of breath reinforced, and masonry buildings are affected and serious destruction to the structural elements and sometimes collapse around the world. Therefore, the reason for the soft story of the building. Whereas destruction and subside because of the soft story are consistently distinguished in buildings, it in addition be enlarged in different structures. This paper shows that the lower portion of the building throughout the concrete columns seemed to have a soft story in where the columns give sufficient resistance to the shear during the entire earthquake. The aim of the review paper is to study this problem using some economical techniques like infill of a masonry wall or proper bracing or retrofitting of building. Proper placement of the attaching of bracing in different positions to design consecutively to reduce the soft-story impact of that same the existing of the building.

Keywords: Soft Story, Reinforced concrete, Infill walls, Shear-wall, Eccentric Bracing, Retrofitting.