Review on Performance of Diagrid Structural System in Tall Building

Abstract: In the most recent decades, the diagrid system has been broadly embraced for tall structures because of their structural efficiency and design possibilities. The diagrid is an exterior structural system that resists the lateral forces through the axial actions of the peripheral diagonal member. In addition, the diagrid structure reduces the number of columns, which gives increasingly rentable space in a similar plan zone as that of the surrounded frame structure. This paper, carried out a synopsis of literature linked to the diagrid structural system and diagrid structure concentrates to assess the diagrid angle for the most economic and efficient design. Therefore, the objective of this paper is to investigate the effectiveness of diagrid structure in tall buildings leading to lateral load and compared the results of some studies in subjected to the optimum angle of diagonal members, top story displacement, time-period, story drift, story shear, and steel mass usages.

Keywords: Diagrid structural system, tall building, story drift, story shear, story displacement, time period, steel weight.