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Facebook is stepping up efforts to curb misleading news about Corona vaccines

Facebook is stepping up efforts to curb misleading news about Corona vaccines
Facebook announced the intensification of its efforts to curb the spread of misleading information about Covid-19 vaccines and enhance the dissemination of facts, in addition to inferring the groups that are wary of taking the vaccine.
The move includes banning groups that frequently spread misinformation about the virus and vaccines in general.

For months, Facebook has been working to remove misleading Covid information and promote health advice from trusted organizations, and the social site has expanded this initiative.

Facebook has updated its list of false allegations about the virus and vaccines, with the help of the World Health Organization.
The list of prohibited information included allegations that Covid-19 is made by people and infected with it is safer than a vaccine and that vaccines are toxic or cause autism.

But Facebook's initiative was not enough to convince some, as the "Center for Combating Digital Hate" wrote on Twitter that "Facebook has promised over the past year to crack down on misleading information about Covid and anti-vaccinations," adding that "every time it fails to match these ads Salient work. "

 Guy Rosen, Facebook's vice president for integrity affairs, has warned accounts of groups that share misinformation about vaccines against banning them permanently.

Facebook said that 50 million people participated in the survey it conducted last year on Covid-19, which focused on symptoms, masks and access to health care.

He added that "the survey is the largest of its kind ever, and it helped health researchers to better monitor and predict the spread of Covid-19," noting that the data will help to better understand intentions to take the vaccine in terms of "social demography, race, geography, etc." And Facebook promised to share with all countries of the world the results of the survey on the position on vaccines.