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Practice Makes Perfect: English Verbs Ebook Free Download

Practice Makes Perfect: English Verbs Ebook Free Download
Any study of verbs would be incomplete without the inclusion of special types of verbs and com- plementation patterns. After you become familiar with verb conjugations, you will study phrasal verbs, modal verbs, and verb complementation (gerunds and infinitives).
This book focuses on the verbs most frequently used in English. It is appropriate for classroom use or individual study. If you are in a class, your teacher may choose to assign exercises to sup- plement your other coursework. If you are studying alone, you can use the Answer Key at the back of the book to check your work and decide whether you should review a chapter or go on to the next.

Table of Content: 
Introduction vii The Present Tense 
Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Unit
Simple Present 3 Be Verb Forms, Simple Present 11 Present Progressive (Be Verb + -ing) 19 Present Perfect 29 Present Perfect Progressive
The Past Tense
Simple Past
Past Perfect Progressive
The Future Tense 
Unit 11 Unit 12 Unit 13 Unit 14 Unit 15
Simple Future 83 Be Going To 89 Future Progressive (Will Be Verb + -ing)
Future Perfect
Future Perfect Progressive
Imperative, Passive, and Hypothetical Conditional
Imperative 113 Passive 117 Hypothetical Conditional
Phrasal Verbs and Modal Auxiliary Verbs
Unit 19 Phrasal Verbs 129 Unit 20 Modal Auxiliary Verbs
Gerund and Infinitive Complements
Gerunds 147 Infinitives 149 Gerunds or Infinitives 153
Review Exercises
Appendix: Chart of Irregular Verbs
Answer Key 

By Loretta Gray