How Strategic Managerial Accounting Impact in Marketing: A study on Professional Perspective

Abstract: This study relies upon the assessments that consider key organization Accounting as a ton of intentionally masterminded organization administrative managerial accounting techniques through the marketing area in professional life. The consolidation of standard authoritative accounting into new regulatory bookkeeping procedures has achieved more capable cost the chiefs accounting structures where the processional knows the described situation in market analysis such as; costing, pricing, profit, and marketing theories. Advancing decisions can't be perceived from working cost information and the impact of the publicizing system on trades and business profitability. Different upgrades can moreover be envisioned dependent on interdisciplinary investment between displaying managers and the head accountants. Get-together data from competitors requires the full cooperation of the board accounting and promoting partners in esteem decisions, wheeling and dealing power, and cost position appraisal. This information can be given from imperative organization accounting in one spot facilitated into money-related and financial databases.


Keywords: Strategic Managerial Accounting (SMA), Professional Accounting, Cost, Market, Marketing Theory