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Shayekh Aminul Islam’s thought and reformation on instructive changes in Bangladesh

Shayekh Aminul Islam’s thought and reformation on instructive changes in Bangladesh
Abstract: Shaykh Aminul Islam (1932-2007), was a medieval Muslim theologian, a highly influential, intellectual Islamic scholar, and a key figure in the contemporary Islamic world; played immense and remarkable contributions to Tafsir through his thoughts as well to reform society and educational society in order to revive glorious Islamic civilization. The main purpose of the paper is to study and analyze the educational thoughts and methodology of Shaykh Aminul Islam which brought about an educational revolution and revitalization in the contemporary religious study of the Muslim world as well as its methodology by a systematic approach in reconciliation with modern secular education in the study of knowledge. Shaykh Aminul Islam has urged for integration and reconciliation between religious and secular education of the Muslim world. The research will depend on library research focusing on the primary literature of Shaykh Aminul Islam, especially his masterpiece ‘Tafsir-e-Nurul Qur’an’ to get his ideas on educational reform and study will demonstrate an innovative edition of Shaykh Aminul Islam’s thought on education and method which may help to discover a new dimension of Islamic knowledge in conjunction with secular education. This process of integration between Islamic and secular knowledge will show a way that contributes to recapture the glorious heritage of Muslim Ummah in the demand of the modern world. 

Keywords: Shaykh Aminul Islam, Islamic Contribution Methods, Knowledgably Persona in Bangladesh.