The Impact and Challenges of N-Power Teach on Secondary School Education in Kogi State, Nigeria

ABSTRACT: This paper investigates the impact and the challenges of the N-Power Teach a Social Intervention Programme of President Muhammadu Buhari‚Äôs administration on secondary schools in Kogi state. This case study paper was conducted in Kogi state, Northcentral, Nigeria. Data was collected through in-depth interviews and secondary sources, while the interview data were analyzed thematically. The finding revealed that the impact of the programme on secondary school education in Kogi state includes the provision of new relevant skills in teaching, improving academic performance, and fill-in for the shortage of schoolteachers. For the challenges of the progamme in Kogi state, the paper shows include delays in payment of stipends to beneficiaries, lack of commitment to N-power teaching, the professional challenge in teaching, weak monitoring and evaluation, the weak synergy between N-power beneficiaries and secondary schools, and lack of instructional materials. The paper also provides some strategic recommendations such as the provision of adequate payment stipends, and synergy between the N-power scheme and other non-government organizations.


Keywords: Education; Employment; Kogi State; N-Power Teach; Secondary School